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My Story

Hi, My name is Ghazal. I'm soon turning 41 and a mum of two. I have always had a passion for training and health. I grew up in Sweden and I've always been active. During my early years I played basketball, did swimming, gymnastics and dance classes (hip hop & belly dancing) and joined a gym at the age of 18.


Shorlty after I became a spinning instructor, whilst studying full time to become an accountant. I started working as a spinning instructor for a couple of years and I absolutely loved it. To make a long story short, I moved to Spain where I started working and kept on exercising on the side. Ten years later me and my husband moved to the UK with our first child and soon I realised that I wanted to change my career, to do what I love and help others to find their inner strength and take care of their body, and again I restarted my Personal Trainer career.

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My Vision

I want to teach and engage the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle​ with fun activities that are suitable for every individual. As a mum of two I know how busy life can be, wether you are a full time mum, working or doing both. I've been there myself. Our bodies go through so much during and after a pregnancy and we owe it to ourselves and our children to take care of ourselves. To keep our bodies and our mind STRONG, YOUNG and ALERT. 


My goal is to help YOU achieve your goals by guiding you the right way and helping you understand your body and how much you can push yourself to reach your goals. I'll be there to motivate you and make sure that you are using the right technique on your journey to become a better version of yourself. 

There are no shortcuts or quick fixes -  YOU HAVE TO DARE TO INVEST IN YOURSELF!


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Ghazal Sabet

Certified L2 & L3 Personal Trainer


Phone: +44 (0) 7826 089 861

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